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Brackish Water Treatment Plants

Brackish water treatment requires high levels of customizability depending on the water analysis provided.

IETOS brackish water systems are capable of treating varieties of impurities. High levels of hardness, iron and dissolved salts each case is designed carefully by IETOS highly qualified engineers to provide the most efficient systems.

IETOS provides the world with the latest innovations of containerized brackish water treatment systems. Systems are fabricated in a new 20 and 40 foot containers to provide compactness and fast installation while achieving the international quality standards.

IETOS containers arrive at the client’s facility ready to operate with complete treatment processes and controlling facilities.
Our containerized water treatment systems offer reliability and robustness to meet the operational requirements of cogeneration plants, municipalities, the shipbuilding industry, electronic plants, resorts, and others.

1. Compact design.
2. Fast installation and start-up.
3. Range of pressures and capacities.
4. High recovery rates.
5. Low equipment costs.
6. Low energy consumption.

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