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Desalination Plants

Water scarcity is a major worldwide problem. Desalination of seawater or brackish water proved to be an anchor to overcome such problem.
Reverse osmosis technique is used in both drinking water and industrial applications. IETOS provides customizable reverse osmosis units selected carefully for our clients’ requirements.

IETOS systems are customizable to each case provided; either sea water was fed directly from the sea or beach wells, capable of salts treatment along with other impurities, without turning away from providing low energy consumption systems.

IETOS equipment is selected with great care to guarantee long and efficient life of the designed system paying plenty of attention to high levels of safety and control to provide steady and sustainable operation.

Drinking water systems are perfect for locations with no fresh or municipal water supplies such as remote areas, or smaller atolls and islands having no potable water sources. Industrial water systems are perfect for large volume requirements with specific level of purity depending on the industry.

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